I am a sustainability researcher and participatory modeler specializing in environmental policy and management. Currently I am a postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University and Research in The Netherlands. Broadly speaking, I explore the complex problems of sustainability transformations. My work is grounded in systems thinking and co-design with stakeholders to foster collective learning.

The participatory methods and tools I use may be applied in a wide range of contexts. For example, I have worked with mariners who navigate in fast-changing sea-ice environments, to co-produce forecast products in support of safe, sustainable operations. I have also worked with Iñupiat coastal communities in Alaska to model the socially, economically and biophysically linked dynamics of sustainable futures. Whether it be about eliciting the needs of users of informational services and products, or working with communities to envision healthy futures, a common denominator in all projects has been a rapidly-changing decision-environment and a pressing need for adaptive or transformative action.

You may browse through the pages for more information about my research, teaching and outreach activities, or download my CV here.

View my latest publication, Coproducing Sea Ice Predictions with Stakeholders Using Simulation here