I am an interdisciplinary social scientist specializing in environmental policy, currently a postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University and Research. Broadly speaking, I explore policy approaches to complex environmental problems, climate change adaptation and Earth stewardship using systems thinking. I work with strong investment in institutional analysis and resilience theory. My work is grounded in participatory modeling and co-design with stakeholders, to foster collective learning about the socio-economic and biophysical dynamics of human-environment systems.

Having worked extensively with coastal communities and marine sectors in the Arctic region, I have grown to appreciate the innovative potential of anticipating change. Experiential methods such as participatory simulation and foresight methodologies have great potential to facilitate adaptive learning in a wide range of outreach contexts, and to engage students in active learning approaches in the classroom. 

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“[in Northern Alaska communities] the main barriers that are perceived at the local level as threats to effective adaptation are rooted in the social and political processes that are in many cases not responsive to local-level priorities. […] especially in regions where people rely on healthy local ecosystem services for their livelihood […] power-sharing institutional arrangements are needed that shape the pace and scale of development in ways that facilitate adaptation and build resilience”

Blair and Kofinas (2020)