ICEWISE Simulation

As part of the SALIENSEAS project I developed a computerized simulation-gaming environment called ICEWISE. It facilitates a participatory simulation in which mariners make voyage plans helped by a new sea-ice forecast, which was developed by project partners at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. ICEWISE helps forecast-producers understand how the product would be used on the job. Because it has two playing modes (current and 2035 using scenarios we developed with stakeholders) it also provides insights about how user needs may evolve over time.

ICEWISE was tested on January 28, 2020 at the SALIENSEAS workshop held at the University of Tromsø. An online, modified version of ICEWISE is available here.

Simulation and gaming methods can be useful tools in the classroom by making learning and instruction more engaging. In the same way serious games can help stakeholders to clarify new ideas and strategies, they can help students to collectively explore complexities and challenge existing beliefs.