Scroll through the slides for a portfolio of images from my workshop engagements.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a series of workshops with a number of Arctic stakeholders: with Alaska Iñupiat communities via the NASP and EPSCoR projects, and with marine mobile sectors for the SALIENSEAS and FOCUS projects. These workshops have been especially useful platforms for deliberation and co-producing relevant knowledge.

Generally speaking, the sequence of steps taken were as follows although depending on the type of collaboration, this process is adjusted:

  • isolating a clear focal question in advance to drive activities
  • meticulously designing workshop activities that are relevant, engaging and will produce focused outcomes
  • inviting participants who will balance the right expertise with vested stakes in the process
  • pre-event briefing of participants about expectations and scheduled activities
  • providing relevant background information to the focal question at the event
  • putting participants in the spotlight (minimizing presentations, maximizing engagement)
  • expert facilitation
  • reporting back to participants via summary reports and/or public presentations

Workshop Reports:

Blair, B. and Muller-Stoffels, M. (2019). Maritime Futures 2035: The Arctic Region: Workshop Report & Technical Documentation. Wageningen University. [URL]

Lamers, M.A.J., Knol, M., Müller, M., Blair, B., Jeuring, J.H.G., Rasmussen, T. and Sivle, A., (2018). Enhancing the Saliency of climate services for marine mobility sectors in European Arctic seas (SALIENSEAS): Stakeholder Advisory Group workshop report. Wageningen University. [URL]

Lovecraft, A.L., Fresco, N., Cost, D., Blair, B. (2018). Northern Alaska Scenarios Project Report. International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks. [URL]