Scroll through the slides for a portfolio of images from my workshop engagements.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a series of workshops with a number of Arctic stakeholders: with Alaska Iñupiat communities via the NASP project, and with marine mobile sectors for the SALIENSEAS project. These workshops have been especially useful platforms for deliberation and co-producing relevant knowledge. The sequence of steps taken were as follows:

  • isolating a clear focal question in advance to drive activities
  • meticulously designing workshop activities that are relevant, engaging and will produce focused outcomes
  • inviting participants who will balance the right expertise with vested stakes in the process
  • pre-event briefing of participants about expectations and scheduled activities
  • providing relevant background information to the focal question at the event
  • putting participants in the spotlight (minimizing presentations, maximizing engagement)
  • expert facilitation
  • reporting back to participants via summary reports and/or public presentations

Workshop Reports:

Blair, B. and Muller-Stoffels, M. (2019). Maritime Futures 2035: The Arctic Region: Workshop Report & Technical Documentation. Wageningen University. [URL]

Lamers, M.A.J., Knol, M., Müller, M., Blair, B., Jeuring, J.H.G., Rasmussen, T. and Sivle, A., (2018). Enhancing the Saliency of climate services for marine mobility sectors in European Arctic seas (SALIENSEAS): Stakeholder Advisory Group workshop report. Wageningen University. [URL]

Lovecraft, A.L., Fresco, N., Cost, D., Blair, B. (2018). Northern Alaska Scenarios Project Report. International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks. [URL]